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“Hi! My name is Patrick Bell, and I want to teach you how to turn your hobby/talent/skill into a business so you can do the work that is authentically ‘you’ and live the life of your dreams!”

When I was a kid, I loved magic. I dreamed of being a professional magician, touring the US. At thirteen I started doing birthday parties, and over the next twenty-five years I did thousands of shows in my local area. I decided to go on tour, so I visited more than fifteen major cities across the US and figured out how to sell my services on the road. It wasn’t easy, but eventually I “cracked the code!” I was able to travel to any city I wanted, and have all of the work I could handle. I did it all by myself, without any help, and without spending any money on advertising.

Would you like to learn how to turn what you love to do into what you do for a living? Call me toll free at 866-865-5105 and we’ll brainstorm how you can make money doing what you love.

Everyone has a gift or talent that others would find valuable. I’ve mastered the art of selling my services, so I want to teach you how to sell your services, too. Soon you could be waking up every day, excited to do what you love. You’ll have customers who really need what you’re offering, and you’ll be working hard because you’ll be living your dreams. More than making a living, you’ll be making a difference.

What do you enjoy doing, that you’re good at, that people need and are willing to pay for?

These are the four critical elements involved in deciding what you want to do for your new business: First, choose something that you enjoy. Choose something that you would do whether or not you were being paid for it, or something you would do for a hobby in your spare time.

Second, choose something that you are good at. If you’re good at something you’re going to be better at it than most people, so there will be demand for your services.

Third, choose something that people need. What need does your service satisfy?

Fourth, choose something people will be willing to pay for. Are you going to be able to find enough people in your market niche willing to pay for your service to meet your income goal?

What business model?

Your business model is simply how you intend to make money. What are you going to do, and how are you going to get paid? What does it look like to serve your client? How does your service begin, and how does it end? Is your service going to be performed with the client there, or are you going to produce your work on your own and present it to the client later? Is one person going to pay for each service performed, or are many? Is it going to be presented to individuals, or multiple people simultaneously?

Do you need help figuring out what you want to do for your new business? Call me toll free at 866-865-5105 and free of charge, with no obligation, we’ll discuss your strengths and preferences and brainstorm how you could offer people something they need and will pay for.

It’s better if you can choose something that has some relation to what you’ve done in the past, rather than something you lack experience with. While it’s feasible you could create a new business doing a service that’s completely unrelated to how you’ve made money before, it may be helpful for you to look at what you intend to do as a natural evolution of what you’ve been doing.

Practice delivering your service

Now that you know what you want to do for your new business, test your idea. Ask within your existing social and professional network for referrals to people who would be willing to be trial customers. Offer your service to them at your expense and practice delivering it until you are sure that this is what you want to do. Keep practicing until the feedback you receive indicates that you are ready to charge for it.

You’ve reached the end of the first phase of starting your new business. Take a look at what you’ve accomplished, because it’s a lot! You’ve decided what you want to do, and you’ve tested your idea in the real world so you are convinced that it’s what you want to do for money. You’ve also practiced delivering your service so you know it’s marketable. Now it’s time to learn…

How to Market Yourself

Here are the steps to marketing yourself:

  • Choose a market niche
  • Generate leads
  • Choose a marketing tactic
  • Present your offer
  • Close the sale
  • Deliver your service

Practice your marketing

Even though you’re ready to deliver your service and charge for it, you still need to practice your marketing. Continue giving away your service at your cost until you are confident in your ability to close the sale. Decide upon a market niche and determine a way to generate leads. Choose a marketing tactic to present your offer and close the sale. Be flexible. You may need to try different offers, marketing tactics, lead sources, market niches to find a dependable method of closing the sale. If you’ve tried everything and are still struggling, you may need to try a different business model or choose a different service.

Filling your schedule and meeting your income goal

Choose an introductory rate that is so attractive that people will have to say yes to it and fill your schedule to what you believe will be full capacity with introductory customers. Continue marketing yourself, and as demand for your limited availability increases you can adjust your rate over time to meet your income goal.

Do you need help learning how to sell your services? Call me toll free at 866-865-5105 and I will teach you one-on-one how to market yourself.

I’ve spent my life doing what I love for a living, and it will make me very happy to hear that you are making progress towards a similar goal.

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